COUNCIL leader Cllr Russ Bowden has confirmed he would back Remain in a second EU referendum.

The Labour politician has outlined his position on the divisive issue after party leader Jeremy Corbyn challenged the next Prime Minister to hold a second EU vote.

Mr Corbyn added that Labour would campaign for Remain against either a no deal, or a Tory deal.

Cllr Bowden (LAB – Birchwood) says it has always been his view that people were ‘sold a false promise’ over Brexit.

“I have always said this is a matter for people’s personal opinion and I respect the views expressed by everybody that voted in the referendum,” he said.

“The referendum campaign on both sides was not well conducted and neither campaign was very positive.

“My personal view is that people now need to be given the opportunity to ratify whatever deal – or no deal – eventually comes forward.

“The deal that we have on the table was never part of the referendum debate, regardless of what is said by those people trying to rewrite history.”

Warrington was one of the areas that voted to exit the EU in the referendum in 2016 – with Leave winning 54.3 per cent of the vote.

But amid the Brexit chaos which continues to dominate Westminster, Cllr Bowden has issued a plea to the next Tory leader and Prime Minister.

He added: “Government has been absolutely paralysed by this over the last three years.

“Wouldn’t it would be great if there was a Prime Minister who had the political skill to go back to the country and say ‘we recognise what you voted for in the referendum, we don’t think you had the full picture, we have negotiated this deal and this is your chance to say if you want it or not. Does this deal reflect what you want?’

“It is for national politicians to take us forward.

“The majority of the population did not vote to Leave.

“And those that voted – on either side – should be allowed to confirm their views or get the opportunity to change their mind.

“If a second referendum came about then I would campaign and vote to Remain.”