IN a bid to encourage children to develop a love of reading Penketh High School has opened a new school library.

After weeks spent planning the space and examining plans from various companies, the final design was chosen along with a colour scheme.

The library was then decorated and new shelving systems were installed.

Year seven and eight pupils from the Leadership Team helped organise more than 1,500 books and spent hours scanning them into a new stock managing system.

Susan Ashurst, director of learning for English and Media, said: "We know that our new library really sets the tone for our school, and highlights our push to raise levels of literacy and foster a love of both reading and learning for our pupils here at Penketh High.

"We are very much focused on continuing to drive academic standards at the school and a library is an important development to help us build on those improvements already secured."

Author Rob Parker who is Writer in Residence at Beamont Collegiate Academy officially opened the library last week.