THE Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Roadshow is coming to Warrington to raise awareness of testicular, penile and prostate cancer.

It will take place on Friday between 9am and 4pm in Birchwood Shopping Centre.

Every year more than 50,000 men in the UK will be diagnosed with prostate, testicular and penile cancer.

Of these men more than 47,000 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, 2,400 will be diagnosed with testicular cancer and 600 will be diagnosed with the rare penile cancer.

Orchid is the UK’s leading charity dedicated to raising awareness of these male cancers, providing support services and pioneering the latest in male cancer research.

Male Cancer information nurses will be on hand during the roadshow to offer free information and guidance on how to check for the signs of male cancers, and to discuss the latest news and developments in male cancer treatments.

Rebecca Porta, chief executive at Orchid, said: "There is an urgent need to raise awareness of male cancers in Warrington.

"We know for example that only one in four men are regularly checking themselves for testicular cancer and that one in eight men are at risk of developing prostate cancer.

"This is important because recognising the warning signs and symptoms and getting an early diagnosis can make a real difference.

"We hope this event will help improve the understanding of male cancers in the community and provide vital knowledge that will help save lives."

Rob Cornes, Orchid Male Cancer information nurse specialist added: "Getting an early diagnosis is vital. For example, if caught early, testicular cancer can be 98 per cent curable.

"It is crucial that men are familiar with the signs and symptoms and feel comfortable seeking professional advice if they have any concerns or worrying symptoms.

"We really hope that men in Warrington will take the opportunity to come to the roadshow to meet the Orchid team."