A COCKTAIL bar in Culcheth has unveiled its new beer garden and pergola in time for its third birthday this weekend.

‘Hidden gem’ Savannah 19 opened in Common Lane in 2016 when Steve Wardle and his mum Sue transformed two flats above the restaurant, Indian Tiffin.

Inspired by their trips to Barbados, the pair designed every aspect of the bar – named after a hotel on the Caribbean island – themselves.

Now they have launched an outdoor area with the aim of making visitors feel like they are on their summer holiday.

Steve, a former Culcheth High School student, said: “Our beer garden is a rustic look with traditional beer barrels for tables and science school stools along with traditional seating and plenty of flowers.

“We have kept it in the theme of Savannah 19 and introduced palm trees outside along with decorative flowers.”

Steve used to run Sweet Pig at Birchwood Shopping Centre and launched Savannah 19 with his mum when she wanted something to occupy her time after retiring.

But the project was a leap of faith as they have no previous experience of running bars and poured all their money into it.

Steve, 40, added: “We are really proud of the fact we have created it all from scratch, just from a vision we both had over a few drinks.

“I love working with my mum. We had very similar tastes when designing Savannah 19 which made it more of a fun project than work.

“She is an absolute diamond and she has met so many new friends through the bar which is lovely.”

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Savannah 19 features more than 40 cocktails including regular specials and smoking cocktails.

Warrington Guardian:

Steve said: “Savannah 19 is definitely a hidden gem. Since erecting the new signage outside, we have seen so many people noticing it for the first time.

“We are celebrating our third birthday this weekend and it is amazing to have come this far, completely on our own.

“It is fantastic to see people having a great time in something my amazing mum, who is 70 this year, and I created.”