MORE than 4,000 households in north Warrington could lose their free TV licence if proposals are implemented, says Helen Jones.

According to the MP, 4,370 homes in her constituency would be affected if the BBC carries out its plan to link the licence concession for over 75s to Pension Credit.

This would result in the annual cost across all Warrington North households totalling £657,685.

“In another ruthless welfare cut for the most vulnerable in our society, it is appalling that this government is trying to offload responsibility for funding licences onto the BBC,” she said.

“This comes just as Boris Johnson is talking about tax cuts for the rich.

“Around 1.3 million poorer over-75s are eligible for Pension Credit but do not claim it, and they will lose their free TV licences under a means tested system.”

Ms Jones also said that over 1.5 million pensioners living alone would lose their free licence in a means tested system, and that social isolation and loneliness cannot be tested.

“In May, Labour’s unopposed motion in parliament stated that any changes to the existing TV licence concession must be subject to Parliamentary consent,” she added.

“Labour will push to have that motion upheld.”