ANOTHER dog bite on a post handler in Warrington has led to a second delivery suspension being issued.

The latest attack occurred on Phoenix Road in Dallam, and the property involved is now the subject of a ban.

Royal Mail have also reported the incident to Cheshire Police.

Deliveries were halted to Woodvale Close and Sealand Close in Padgate last month for another attack by a dog, but they have since resumed.

The female postal worker involved in the incident was bitten through her trousers, and is currently recovering at home following surgery.

Had she been wearing shorts at the time, the damage could have been much worse.

In response to the dog attack, a Royal Mail spokesperson said: “Deliveries to the property are currently suspended as the safety and welfare of our staff is paramount.

“They will remain suspended until we are satisfied that the owner has put adequate measures in place to secure the dog while our staff are delivering mail to the address.

“Our thoughts are with her and her family at this distressing time.”

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Royal Mail are also launching a Dog Awareness Week next month to highlight the serious issue and to ensure owners keep their pets under control.

“Dog attacks are a significant hazard faced by our postmen and women on a daily basis,” they said.

“On average, seven deliverers a day are attacked by dogs across the UK, with some leading to a permanent and disabling injury.

“Our staff need to be able to deliver the essential service they provide to communities across the UK without the risk of injury.”