STROKE survivors and their families will walk laps of the Halliwell Jones Stadium pitch next month for this year’s Step Out for Stroke Walk.

The mile-long Stroke Association fundraiser takes place at the home of the Warrington Wolves on Saturday, July 20.

Participants are invited to walk at their own pace, with the course also being suitable for wheelchair users.

This year’s Step Out for Stroke Walk coincides with the 50th birthday of the Stroke Association, having first been formed in 1969 – the year that man first walked on the moon.

And the charity hopes that to have a minimum of 50 walkers raising at least £50 during the fundraiser.

Warrington Guardian:

Former Warrington Wolves star Chris Bridge during last year's walk

Louise Simonian, regional fundraising manager for the Stroke Association, said: “When stroke strikes, part of your brain shuts down – and so does a part of you.

“That’s because a stroke happens in the brain, the control centre for who we are and what we can do.

“The impact of that varies depending on which part of your brain is affected – it could be anything from wiping out your speech, leaving you with a physical disability or affecting your emotions and personality.

“For many stroke survivors, rebuilding their lives can seem like a huge challenge, much like reaching the moon.

“We know that recovery is tough – we don’t deny that, but with the right specialist support and a ton of courage and determination the brain can adapt after stroke.

“Just as those first steps on the moon were celebrated 50 years ago, every Step Out for Stroke Walk celebrates the many ways in which stroke survivors are rebuilding their lives.

“Recovery from stroke is a team effort – please sign up and be part of our team.”