MP Faisal Rashid has reflected on his first two years in Parliament after being given the ‘greatest honour’ of representing his hometown.

The Labour politician stunned Tory David Mowat to snatch the Warrington South seat in 2017.

Mr Rashid, a former NatWest employee, says representing the area is a privilege he will ‘never take for granted’.

But he was keen to highlight just how much Brexit has dominated Westminster during his time in office.

“This issue is a defining moment in our nation’s political history,” he said.

“It is an issue which has led to the fall of not one but two Conservative prime ministers.

“Clearly, there are strong feelings on both sides of the issue and a great deal of anger.

“Looking to the future, we need to find an approach that can command the confidence of Parliament and the nation so that we can move on and begin to heal the divisions created.

“Brexit’s dominance in Westminster has meant that over the last two years many other pressing issues have not received the attention they deserve.”

Mr Rashid also took the opportunity to highlight the ‘devastating impact’ of Tory-led austerity measures – before highlighting the health and social care system crisis, councils being at breaking point and inadequate funding for police.

He said: “Locally, it remains clear that under this Government people are finding life tough and many are struggling to make ends meet.

“Despite Brexit overshadowing many other issues in Westminster, I remain committed to doing whatever I can to speak out for my constituents, to fight for Warrington South and to oppose the reckless and damaging policies of this Conservative Government.

“Locally, I am fighting to protect our green belt from development.

“I have been campaigning for the town’s swing bridges to be repainted – I met with Peel Ports and Warrington Borough Council to make the case for action.

“I will keep the pressure up on this until the work takes place.

“I am working hard every day to repay the trust that voters in Warrington South placed in me when they elected me two years ago.”

Mr Rashid also insists he remains just as committed to constituents today as on the day he was elected.

He added: “Thanks to everyone in Warrington South who placed their trust in me two years ago and who gave me the greatest honour of representing my hometown.

“I will not let you down. I will continue to work tirelessly on behalf of all my constituents and I will keep up the fight to get the very best for Warrington South.”