CONCERNS have been raised over the number of days council staff have been off work because of an illness.

The average ‘days lost’ due to sickness for the 12-month period ending in quarter four of 2018-19 was 12.48 days per person – slightly higher than the target of 12.

It was an increase on the same period last year, 12.19 per person.

The figures were revealed in the performance report, which came before the cabinet at its Town Hall meeting on Monday.

Cllr Hitesh Patel, portfolio holder for transformation, highlighted the importance of ‘supporting staff’ when they are unwell and ‘encouraging them to get better’.

He added: “I know it is always a concern about how many days we lose through sickness.

“But you can’t force somebody to come into work and it is not healthy to make someone come into work when they are not well – and it has a negative impact on the health of people who are in work.”