MEMBERS of two major cocaine rackets based in Warrington have been jailed for 120 years.

Led by Jamie Oldroyd and Jamie Simpson, the two gangs plotted to ship huge amounts of cocaine across the country.

And these are the car wash workers and middle-class kids lured by the promise of riches who formed the two underworld empires.

Jamie Oldroyd

The focus of Operation Dreadnought and the leader of a cocaine racket worth hundreds of thousands of pounds – if not millions.

Oldroyd ran his own luxury car business, Pro Lease Vehicle Hire, while simultaneously shipping huge amounts of drugs across the country.

When he racked up massive debts to drug dealers higher up the chain, shots were fired at his parents’ house and his brother’s sweet shop was petrol bombed.

The 29-year-old was jailed for 14 years and three months.

Warrington Guardian:

Paul Ferraiolo

A man who was ‘well known for his close links with organised criminals in Merseyside’, Ferraiolo supplied Oldroyd with cocaine.

The latter believes the 42-year-old to be responsible for the spate of attacks on him and his family.

Ferraiolo was jailed for four years and six months.

Warrington Guardian:

Taulant Paja and Islam Grana

Paja owned a car wash in Birchwood, with his fellow Albanian national Grana working there collecting the money.

Oldroyd liaised with Paja, who instructed Grana to collect a kilo of cocaine from Ferraiolo and courier it to Middlesbrough.

But the 27-year-old was arrested in doing so, with police finding videos of the pair and Oldroyd counting £150,000 in cash on Grana’s mobile phone.

He was jailed for seven years, with 22-year-old Paja handed six years and six months.

Warrington Guardian:

Lewis Johnson

The 21-year-old lived in and operated the Liverpool Road safehouse, a house rented by Oldroyd’s partner.

Drugs were stored in and collected from the address, with Johnson jailed for nine years.

Warrington Guardian:

Callum Voos

The 20-year-old used his grandma’s house on Strawberry Close in Birchwood to store drugs and cash for Oldroyd.

He will be sentenced at a later date.

Moses Webber

A ‘trusted member’ of the gang who helped to organise couriers and was found with more than £1,000 in cash when he was arrested.

The 21-year-old was jailed for eight years.

Warrington Guardian:

Jordan Redfearn and Elliot Auton

Two young men who had no previous convictions, were in work and came from ‘nice, middle class families’ – but who were ‘drawn in by the gangster lifestyle’.

On consecutive days in May last year, the 22-year-olds picked up drugs from the Liverpool Road safehouse and couriered them to Manchester.

Both dropped off packages with the same vehicle, before being given cash which was then handed over to Voos.

Oldroyd’s couriers were paid between £150 and £500 per trip.

Redfearn had a BMW with a personalised number plate, but was described by police as being ‘completely out of his depth’ in the murky underworld.

Officers attempted to stop him during his drugs run but he drove away at speed.

The pursuit was called off when Redfearn nearly knocked a cyclist off his bike.

He was jailed for five years for conspiracy to supply cocaine and dangerous driving, with Auton also being given five years for the former charge.

Warrington Guardian:

Joel Reading

Street dealing in relation to Oldroyd’s gang was evident in Warrington itself, and Redding was once such street dealer.

The 21-year-old was jailed for five years and seven months.

Warrington Guardian:

Dean English

The 24-year-old headed up the Carlisle operation, and was jailed for six years and eight months for conspiracy to supply cocaine and possession of cannabis with intent to supply.

Warrington Guardian:

Ryan Quinnell and Jordan Read

The pair, aged 25 and 27 respectively, were charged with looking after the Sussex arm of Oldroyd’s cocaine empire, and will be sentenced at a later date.

Jamie Simpson

Simpson was the head of his own gang, which was discovered during Operation Dreadnought due to his association with Oldroyd.

The 31-year-old organised a £20million shipment of cocaine to be trafficked through the English Channel before he and his associates were caught with the country’s biggest ever land-based drug haul on the M6.

Owner of a bouncy castle hire business, he was jailed for 11-and-a-half years.

Warrington Guardian:

Clare Smith and Jamie Winterburn

Smith and Winterburn were engaged to be married around a week after the former was caught in the police sting on the M6.

On a number of previous occasions, she had been on runs to Scotland and the south of England in order to courier large amounts of drugs or money.

The 36-year-old received around £3,000 per trip, with more than £21,000 laundered through Winterburn’s bank account in total.

She was jailed for eight years and nine months, while her 47-year-old fiancé was handed three years and four months.

Warrington Guardian:

Andrew Daniels

The driver of the van that was stopped on the M6, alcoholic Daniels had been drinking cans of Strongbow Dark Fruits for much of the trip back to Warrington from Kent.

According to police sources, the 41-year-old actually soiled himself when he was arrested.

He was jailed for eight years and six months.

Warrington Guardian:

Dean Brettle

Taken to Kent as muscle in order to load the cocaine onto the van and into the secret compartments to hide the drugs in, the 37-year-old was jailed for six years.

Warrington Guardian: