WARRINGTON Borough Council is facing renewed political pressure to declare a climate emergency.

The Labour-run authority confirmed it will not be declaring one last week – despite calls from both of the town’s Labour MPs, Helen Jones and Faisal Rashid.

But the borough’s Liberal Democrats have confirmed they are submitting a motion to the full council meeting on June 17 asking for a climate emergency to be declared.

It is being proposed by group leader Cllr Bob Barr and seconded by Cllr Brian Axcell, who is an energy engineer.

Cllr Barr believes human activity has caused ‘massive adverse impacts’ all over the world.

He said: “Many councils up and down the country have declared a climate emergency and we think Warrington should do the same.

“Atmospheric carbon dioxide exceeds the level deemed to be safe for humanity.

“Society needs to change its laws, taxation and infrastructure to make low carbon living the new norm.

“If there is a concerted and ambitious effort to take action now, it is not too late to reverse the trend.

“Warrington need not wait for central Government. We could become an exemplar town.

“Bold climate action can deliver new jobs, economic savings as well as improving the wellbeing of our residents.”

Cllr Axcell confirmed the party is asking the council to pledge to make Warrington carbon neutral by 2030.

He added: “We need to work with others to determine and implement best practice methods to limit global warming to less than 1.5 degrees.

“We must work with our MPs to ask Westminster to provide the powers and resources to make the 2030 target possible.

“Our motion requests the council to renew its current commitments, to withdraw investments if it has any in fossil fuels, and to report back within six months on the actions that are being taken and the cabinet’s plan and timetable for future activity.”