CONSTRUCTION company Morris and Spottiswood is above average in its number of female workers.

Female staff members at the firm, which has a base in Birchwood, now stand at 17 per cent of the total workforce, four per cent higher than the percentage of women working in the construction sector as a whole.

Morris and Spottiswood recently appointed three new female staff including project administrator, Kirstie McWilliams, financial accountant, Hannah Milligan, and HR business partner, Rachel Sutcliffe.

Strategic development director, Viv Sutherland, said the firm is passionate about encouraging women to consider the industry.

She said: “There is a common misconception that the construction sector is limited to male builders with hard hats and high-vis jackets.

“The reality is it’s a rapidly expanding multi-billion-pound industry- it’s no different to many other industries in requiring a huge range of people with varied skills.

“One of the key challenges however is the lack of awareness of these opportunities.

“Construction desperately needs women, not least to reflect the people we deliver work for.

“Businesses are naturally improved when there is a healthy balance of men and women.”