AN inquest has found a 47-year-old man died from misadventure after his partner was originally arrested on suspicion of murder.

William Sproat was found dead at the house he shared with Nicola Chesman on St Peter's Way in Orford on August 20 last year.

Cheshire Coroner's Court heard that at around 7am, Nicola returned home following an argument between the pair the night before and found Mr Sproat unresponsive on the sofa.

She called police and paramedics and when they arrived at the scene, a table in the lounge had two legs broken and blood was coming from Mr Sproat's nose.

Ms Chesman was arrested and questioned by police but later released after her 'detailed and consistent' account matched CCTV evidence and statements from neighbours.

A pathologist confirmed that no injuries were found that would suggest third party involvement.

Warrington Guardian:

Police were called at the time

On Thursday, Cheshire Coroner's Court heard how Mr Sproat had drank excessively since he was a teenager and struggled with an alcohol addiction.

The dad-of-one drank between six and nine litres of white cider each day but had reduced this to around three litres with help from his partner.

The withdrawals had left him suffering seizures and Pathways confirmed he was in contact with the service.

On the night before, Nicola stayed at a friend's house and returned to her property at around 7am.

She found Mr Sproat on the sofa, 'where he would sometimes sleep'.

Due to the position he was found in, the pathologist confirmed an external airway obstruction was present, the court heard.

Coroner Claire Welch ruled his death as a result of misadventure, with the level of alcohol in his system and the position he had fallen asleep in as contributing factors.

She told his family: "I know this must have been a traumatic time for all of you, I am sorry you have had to go through this."