YOUNG scientists from Warrington have come in the top seven percent of the brightest minds in the UK.

Pupils at the Latchford-based Priestley College had the option to sit challenging online tests in national science competitions and prove their worth against the rest of the country.

Some of Priestley's representatives finished in the top seven per cent in the competitions which were run by the Royal Societies of Biology and Chemistry.

Former St Gregory’s Catholic School pupil, Amelia Rimmer, struck gold in both the chemistry and biology Olympiads.

Amelia, who studies maths alongside the two sciences, said: "I wanted to take the paper because it goes beyond what we do in A-Level so I thought if I could do well it would give me confidence for my exams."

This year a record number of Priestley students took part including 20 biologists and, in chemistry, a record haul of two gold, six silver and 13 bronze certificates were awarded.

Ethan Baird, a former Lymm High School pupil who also studies psychology, achieved a gold in biology and silver in chemistry.

He said: "I thought the Olympiad would be a good thing to put on my personal statement as I am looking to go into a career in biotechnology."

Vincent Chriscoli, who previously studied at St Gregory’s, picked up a bronze in the chemistry Olympiad.

He hopes to become a doctor and plans to study medicine after completing a degree in biochemistry.

Vincent added: "The Olympiad paper challenged us to apply what we have learned to real-life situations and covered everything from fizzy drinks, to biodegradable plastic and how pesticides affect bees."