KIDS have been leading the fight to keep our streets free from litter.

Youngsters have started their own campaigns to stop residents from littering and picked up rubbish on their way home from school.

Six-year-old Millie Ross, from Orford, put up posters around her neighbourhood urging residents not to litter.

The St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School pupil was inspired to help to kerb the problem during a trip to the Sea Life Centre in Rhyl.

Mum Carla Charnock said: “We were recently on holiday in Wales and went to visit the Sea Life Centre.

“There’s a section that explains about how much rubbish there is in the sea from people littering, and Millie was really taken aback by it – she couldn’t understand why people would do this on purpose.

“Once we got home, she started to notice rubbish around the street more and more.

“She came to me and her dad to see if she would be allowed to make posters and stuck them up so people would stop littering.

“We were so immensely proud of her caring and thoughtful attitude and hope she does make a difference.”

Holly Jackson, from Padgate, has also been getting involved in cleaning up her area.

Warrington Guardian:

Holly Jackson tidying the streets on the way home from school

The youngster has been mucking in at litter picks in Bruche Park and often tidies up the street while walking home from school.

Mum Joanne added: “Holly loves helping the local community – she has been involved in litter picks and often cleans the streets on our way home.”

Earlier this year, the Warrington Guardian launched its own anti-litter campaign in a bid to tackle the amount of rubbish that is left on our streets.

Dozens of residents, businesses and organisations have since backed the Big Warrington Clean-up – hoping to make our town a tidier place.

Only last month, schools, volunteers and community groups came out in their droves for a litter pick in support of the scheme.

For more information on the campaign, click here.