WHAT a year it has been for The Ks.

The Earlestown rockers have become one of the first bands to be signed to Alan McGee’s new Creation23 record label and now they are about to play a set at Neighbourhood Weekender on their doorstep.

Alan McGee was the man who famously discovered Oasis and he championed acts like The Jesus and Mary Chain, Primal Scream and My Bloody Valentine in his 80s and 90s heyday.

Now he has taken The Ks under his wing and the band recently shared a stage with the music mogul when he visited the Pyramid to talk about his life and career.

Frontman Jamie Boyle said: “To hear all those stories from those famous years with Creation Records was immense.

“No matter how many times you meet him it does seem a bit surreal that you’re working with the man who discovered Oasis.”

Now the four-piece are in the process of re-recording their early material to give it that Creation magic.

Jamie, 23, added: “He heard us on Spotify and liked the songs but said it was nothing compared to what we are like live. He said it didn’t do us justice.”

Warrington Guardian:

The Ks recorded their earlier material at The Lounge in Wigan with Gareth Nuttall, including their signature tune Sarajevo which has had more than one million plays on Spotify.

Jamie said: “Gaz is a good producer and has been a big part of our journey but we needed to move on to try to capture that live sound in live takes.

“We’ve definitely done it. The new single, Aurora, comes out in August and before then we’ll be playing it at Neighbourhood on Sunday.”

Jamie was at the Victoria Park music celebration last year as a punter and described it as one of the best festivals he has ever been to.

He added: “Maybe that it was in Warrington had a lot to do with that and I’ve been wanting to play it since so this is really special to me. We’ve got a good relationship with the organisers at SJM as they’re our promoters for our tours so they made it happen for us.”

Jamie is also hoping to make the most of his backstage pass.

He said: “Sometimes you’re unsure of how artists are going to be when they’re famous but we’ve yet to meet anyone who’s been anything but nice to us all.

“They might not let me backstage anyway. They might say I’m not cool enough. We’ll see what happens...”