A DRIVER narrowly avoided having their car towed after being caught parking on the pavement twice in two days.

Motorists across the town were warned earlier this year they will be fined for inconsiderate parking.

Drivers who block footpaths stopping wheelchair or pram access could face the penalty and officers have warned they will be checking areas more regularly after receiving complaints.

Officers in Bewsey And Whitecross fined this vehicle pictured for causing an 'unnecessary obstruction to the pavement'.

But the following day it was reported to them the car was back again.

A spokesman added: "After issuing a £30 ticket to this vehicle yesterday, I have again received reports that the vehicle appeared to have ignored the ticket and committed the same offence in the same location.

"The owner of the vehicle narrowly avoided having the car removed by myself, by making themselves known as the owner.

"The vehicle was then moved and the owner strongly warned that if vehicle was seen again causing an obstruction in that location that it will be removed."

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The owner of the car now has two tickets and a £60 fine.