PUPILS took to the streets to warn parents about dangerous parking outside their primary school.

Cars are often parked on Green Lane outside Burtonwood Community Primary School, which currently has a single solid yellow line restricting stopping during morning drop off and afternoon pick up times.

But this is regularly flouted by parents, who narrow both the road and pavement in doing so, which causes a safety risk.

To combat this, pupils donned their high visibility vests and hit the street to warn parents with posters which they designed themselves.

The campaign is being led by Kevin Burgess, chairman of Burtonwood and Westbrook Parish Council, who said: “Parents have been given enough warning not to park on the yellow lines outside the school.

“Most live nearby and could easily leave their cars at home and walk their child to school.

“We appreciate that parents have to drop their kids of at school and many go straight to work afterwards, but it is becoming a real safety issue.

“In some cases, cars are parked up for close to an hour until it is drop off or pick up time, and that is causing problems for people walking on the pavements and other cars driving down the road.”

Headteacher, Andrew Redman, joined pupils and governors outside the school gates and said the scheme had already caused an improvement.

“This is not something we can do every morning and afternoon, but we can already see the difference it is making as only one car has tried to park up on the yellow line,” he said.

A civil enforcement officer from Warrington Borough Council and PCSO Neil Brown also gave their support to the scheme.

Parents outside the school appeared to agree with teachers and governors, with one stating they had been ‘clipped by car wing mirrors' while walking along the pavement.

Another said: “It is becoming a problem with the number of cars parking up and how narrow the roads are, but there is literally nowhere else to drop off or pick up the kids.”

The scheme will continue to be run each day this week, and then sporadically after the school holidays to encourage parents to walk with their child rather than drive.