KILLERS who refuse to reveal where their victims’ bodies are hidden could face longer behind bars after one mum’s four year battle in memory of her daughter.

Marie McCourt, whose daughter Helen was murdered more than 31 years ago, has been campaigning for a new law for four years so that convicted murderers who refuse to reveal the whereabouts of their victims’ bodies would remain behind bars.

George and Dragon pub landlord Ian Simms was jailed for the crime in 1989 but has never admitted what he did or where Helen’s body is.

On Wednesday, May 15 during talks with justice chiefs she was finally told after years of campaigning and more than 600,000 signatures from across the UK, that Helen’s Law is on course to be entered into the statute books.

It is reported that Helen’s Law will force parole boards to take an offender’s refusal to disclose the location of bodies into account when they apply to be freed.

The breakthrough means that murderers who fail to co-operate could spend much longer in jail once they have served their minimum tariff.

National newspaper reports suggest Government proposals fall short of ‘no body, no parole’ legislation – which would stop killers ever being released unless they revealed the whereabouts of their victim’s body.

But Marie said it would make a huge difference that parole boards will have to consider the issue.

Speaking to the Star, Marie, 75, said: “I just feel one big weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

"It’s like I have been wearing a concrete overcoat since Helen died and I could not find her body, but now after knowing Helen’s name will live on I feel as light as a balloon.

“Justice Secretary David Gauke just sat me down and told me ‘your daughter’s name is going to live on long after we have gone. Your daughter’s name will never be forgotten.’

“As Helen’s mum I wanted to find her, but I also didn’t want her to be forgotten by others, and now her name will live on even though she died 31 years ago. When he told me I think my eyes must have gone so big because I couldn’t believe it.

“I hope it will affect Simms but if not I know other people in our same situation can know their loved ones killers will never be out unless they say where the bodies are.

“To the people of St Helens I have to say a big thank you to you all, as well as MP Conor McGinn who has been amazing. You always supported me and this campaign, I wish I could thank everyone in person but please now you made this happen for Helen.

“I feel like she is more at peace now.”

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: “Not knowing the whereabouts of a loved one causes tremendous additional pain, and we have immense sympathy with Helen McCourt’s family. The Justice Secretary recently held a positive meeting with Marie McCourt and her MP, and we look forward to working with them on this important issue.”