VANDALS have damaged newly-built flood defences on Padgate Brook.

A gang of youths is believed to have trashed a fence surrounding the flood defences, which are situated on land bounded by Birchwood Way and Orford Road, before throwing the wood into the water during last week.

The flood defences had only recently been completed by the Environment Agency – who told the Warrington Guardian that the vandalism had put the area at risk of flooding.

Its staff are due to visit the site in order to remove the wood before making repairs.

An Environment Agency spokesman said: “We were disappointed to learn that the fence around our flood defences had been vandalised and thrown in the river near Padgate.

“Incidents like this are dangerous as they raise the risk of flooding to local communities.

“Our field team will remove the wood and ensure that the flood defence is working properly.

“If anyone sees an incident like this, please call our hotline on 0800 807060 and report it.”

Flood defences costing £34million were officially completed in January last year, including works along the Mersey in the town centre.