MOTORISTS are facing chaos on Winwick Road with traffic lights out and a crash reported in the area.

The lights at the junction of the A49 with Long Lane and Hawleys Lane are currently out, and have been for around an hour.

Police are also reporting a crash in the vicinity, with officers currently on scene.

Driver Dom Williams captured this terrifying dashcam footage of the traffic in the area.

Cars turning in different directions are seen weaving in between one another in the video, while pedestrians are also forced to cross the road without the assistance of the lights.

Dom said: “To think it’s just happened at around 3pm, when all the kids are getting out of school and could be crossing that junction – it’s stupid.

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“It needs to be sorted out and stopped from happening again, it’s happened so many times here at this junction.

“It can’t be long before something bad happens.”

Roadworks have also been continuing near to the junction today, with one lane closed heading out of town due to BT making repairs in the area.