SWIMMING instructors at Orford Jubilee Hub have paid thanks to the teachers who inspired them to coach the next generation.

Enola Meade, 20, and Becky Worswick, 34, now work for LiveWire alongside the women who first taught them to swim.

Glenys Donville, who taught Becky, has been in the job for more than 40 years and remembers coaching at the former Fordton pool.

She said: "It is not just a job. Now people come down and they say, 'you taught my mum'.

"I must have done something right because they trust me with their child.

"It's gives them confidence- it's a big thing."

Becky, who remembers learning to swim with Glenys, said: "I just loved Glenys. She was quite inspirational really.

"As soon as I started working with LiveWire I remembered her. She’s been my inspiration for doing this.

"I hope to be like her- it will be a long road but fingers crossed!"

Enola always knew she wanted to be a swimming instructor and said her teachers were the reason why she carried on pursuing her goal.

She explained: "I said when I was little that I wanted to be a swimming teacher.

"My teachers made it so enjoyable- they were the best part.

"It was kind of scary coming to work here with them because you want to impress them!"

LiveWire offers much more than just swimming lessons, including life saving, synchronised swimming, competitive swimming and aquatic sports, all of which can help prepare young people for life as a coach.

Christine Pollock, who taught Enola to swim, added: "It’s not just swimming, there’s other water activities- you can go through different avenues."

LiveWire has four swimming venues across Warrington, offering swimming sessions for Ducklings, up to age four, and beginners, ages four and over.

Swimming programmes are available to both children and adults.

Crash course beginners swimming lessons are held in the school holidays at Orford Hub, Woolston Hub, Great Sankey Hub and Broomfields.

To book, call the hub receptions.

For more information, visit the LiveWire