A WORKSHOP will take place in the town next week encouraging more girls to think about a career in the tech and gaming industry.

Hosted by Caiomhe Roddy, a north west based video game producer, the free class will give youngsters the chance to learn more about coding and even create their own mini game.

A small number of places are still available for the workshop, which will be held at Beamont Collegiate Academy on Saturday, May 18.

“The aim of the workshop is to give girls aged between eight and 15 an insight into the tech industry,” said Caoimhe.

“By the end of the session, everyone at the workshop will have created their own unique mini game.

“Hopefully we can get as many people to sign up as possible and create the demand to run more classes like this in the future.”

Warrington Guardian:

The motivation behind running the workshops for Caoimhe is to see more young girls thinking of a career in what is traditionally a male dominated industry.

“I work in the games industry and there is a discussion going on about the involvement of women in tech and how to support them, she said.

“I personally really wanted to do something about this and wanted to help in any way I could.

“After discovering classes in America called ‘Girls Make Games’, I asked them if we could do something similar over here and they were really supportive.

“The previous workshop held in Manchester was a real success, and hopefully this one in Warrington will be the same.”

Activities during the free class will include designing the plot and characters for a game, programming characters and basic animation.

The Girls Make Games workshop is sponsored by Warrington’s digital and tech co-working space, Opus by Carpe Diem, and will be held at Beamont Collegiate Academy’s FabLab on Saturday, May 18.

If you would like any more details, please email info@keevahh.com.

To book a place on the workshop, please sign up