WARRINGTON North MP Helen Jones has raised residents’ concerns over High Speed 2 in a parliamentary debate.

She focused in particular on the villages of Hollins Green, Culcheth and Croft, whose views she said are not being taken fully into account.

The two-phase rail project is scheduled to link London to the West Midlands in by 2026 and the West Midlands to Manchester and Leeds by 2033.

During the debate, Mrs Jones stated that the Hoo Green to Bamfurlong section of the line ‘does not stack up economically’, and the decision to join the main line north of Warrington, rather than north of Crewe is flawed.

She also voiced concerns over the proposed closure of Wigshaw Lane, which would force vehicles onto the A574 which is already at a standstill at peak times.

Mrs Jones said: “Wigshaw Lane is the direct link between Culcheth and Croft and closing it will have a serious impact on people’s ability to access services in Culcheth village.

“Many people in Croft come into Culcheth to shop and to use the doctors’ surgeries there, and Culcheth High School is the nearest secondary school to Croft and is attended by many of the young people from that village.

“They will be forced to use a much more unsafe route to school.”

Another problem highlighted by the MP was one young people would face travelling into the town centre to access post-16 educational provision at Warrington and Vale Royal and Priestley Colleges.

According to Mrs Jones, the road closure would cause further access problems for the local Air Cadets, who are based in Croft, and would cause The Oaks, which is home to 23 football teams, to lose 20% of its area.

Turning her attention to the proposed construction depot on the A574 close to Newchurch Primary School and residential houses was, the MP said: “This will not only increase traffic, but noise and air pollution for the primary school and the people who live in that area.”

In Hollins Green, she said that she could not understand how HS2 could regard building a viaduct over the Manchester ship canal as feasible given the nearby M6 Thelwall viaduct often had speed restrictions because of high winds.

Mrs Jones pointed out: “Previous plans for a motorway in the area were rejected on the grounds that it would have an unacceptable environmental impact, would cause a loss of green belt and a harmful effect on village life.

“That viaduct and its associated embankment will tower over the area, cutting through a historic parish and destroying a network of footpaths between Hollins Green and Glazebrook.”

Approaching the end of the debate, the MP listed the businesses which would be significantly affected and the impact on people’s health, which would increase costs for the NHS.

Summing up, she said: “The original cost of the spur was estimated at £800m, but this has since risen to £1 billion.

“I strongly urge ministers to look at HS2’s plans for building the line and the impact it will have on those villages.

“It is my sincere believe that they will be disastrous for village life and the whole thing needs to be considered again.”