A BAN has been introduced on HGVs using a Grappenhall street which has been plagued by parking woes.

Residents on East View in Grappenhall have been long complaining of problems on their street.

The narrow road and double parking from shoppers using the nearby Tesco and takeaways have caused havoc.

One more than one occasion, HGVs have become stuck trying to get from Knutsford Road to Chester Road.

However a new traffic order says vehicles can only travel in a northerly direction while any vehicle over 7.5 tonnes in weight will only be able to use the street for access.

Warrington Guardian:

A lorry became stuck last year

Now residents in nearby streets fear the move could exacerbate their problems.

One resident of Euclid Avenue said: "While I applaud the powers that be for, what appears to be a sensible move in redirecting the traffic using East View in Grappenhall, I wonder have they considered the impact that this will have and is already having on Euclid Avenue.

"Traffic will now use Euclid Avenue, even more, as an easy way to get to and from Tesco and so avoid driving through the traffic lights at the junction.

"This has been a long term problem for residents and now will only get worse. It is a nightmare trying to get out of our driveways and you don't expect to have to queue to cross the avenue to visit a neighbour.

"If, as we have often been told, action to stem the amount of traffic is cost prohibitive, would not an easy and less costly option be to have one way traffic in this avenue, flowing the same way as East View (having it flowing the opposite way would only increase the island effect that is already happening).

"Even better would be access only."