THE Voice winner Mo Jamil is to headline a packed evening of live music to raise funds for the Warrington branch of the National Autistic Society.

Mo, a former St Gregory’s RC High School student, will be joined by 15 other bands and artists over two floors when ‘For One Mike Only’ takes place at the Auction Rooms on Friday.

There will be a live stage and an acoustic stage at the Legh Street venue with a diverse range of music including a closing set by operatic metal band Aonia.

Westbrook resident Sam Heathcote has been organising the annual event singlehandedly since 2016 in memory of her son Michael Carter.

Michael, who played guitar and drums and loved live music, died in May 2015 when he was just 19. But all music fans are very welcome regardless of whether they knew Michael or not.

Sam said: “You don’t have to known Mike to come. It’s just a charity event with some absolutely awesome bands. Anybody who loves live music can come along.”

For One Mike Only launched in May 2016 at Eagle Sports Club in Penketh before moving to the Auction Rooms.

Some Warrington artists like Max Vickers and Greg Dixon have played it every year

Sam added: “It has grown year on year and now I’ve got bands coming to me to ask if they can play. Ian from The Auction Rooms has been really supportive and it’s the perfect venue for it.

“The acoustic stage is on the first floor and the second floor is where we have the bands.

“Mo is headlining the acoustic stage. Mo was very good friends with Mike.

“They performed on stage together at Liverpool Academy as part of their National Citizen Service. Mike also knew Viola Beach who were going to perform at the first For One Mike Only before their deaths.

Warrington Guardian:

“He loved live music. He was a keen musician himself and I just know he would love this event

“Mike used to go regularly to the Quarter Bar on the open mic night.”

Self-taught performer Michael became interested in music shortly after he started at Cardinal Newman RC High School.

Sam said: “He bought his first guitar from his friend and then he taught himself to play. He literally picked it up and started playing it.

“He did music for GCSEs and learnt the drums and then when we went on holiday just before he died he taught himself piano at Brookway Lodge in Wales. He was great by the end of the week.

“He had high-functioning autism. That’s why we raise money for the Warrington branch National Autistic Society. He picked things up very quickly. He was very intelligent.”

From donations at Michael’s funeral and from previous events, Sam has so far raised almost £4,000 for the charity.

The 43-year-old added: “It’s lovely to see the support that people give it and a lot of people who come to the gig now didn’t know Mike but know who it is in memory of and want to raise money for the charity so that is nice as well.

“It keeps his name alive. I want Mike to be remembered as the funny, charismatic, caring, helpful person that he was.

“It is quite a difficult time around the anniversary of Mike’s death but I keep busy with the planning of this event.

“But what’s lovely is the chance for the people who did know him to come together.

“Some of them don’t see each other that much anymore as they are older now and all off doing their own thing.”

For One Mike Only takes place at the Auction Rooms this Friday. Tickets are £5. Visit