A BREXIT Party candidate branded as 'disgraceful' for her views on the IRA bomb attacks on Warrington says she has 'greatest sympathy' for Parrys but has failed to apologise.

Claire Fox is the top north west candidate for the new party in the European Elections should they go ahead at the end of this month.

If polling is to be believed, she is therefore likely to be elected to serve Warrington and the wider north west.

Fox, who lives in London, is a former core activist and organiser for the Revolutionary Communist Party.

After the 1993 bombing, which killed Tim Parry and Johnathan Ball, the Revolutionary Communist Party’s official newsletter stated that they defended 'the right of the Irish people to take whatever measures necessary in their struggle for freedom'.

Fox was also a member of the Irish Freedom Movement, which backed dissident republicanism.

In a statement issued last night, Tuesday, she said: "I feel the greatest sympathy for the Parry family.

"The loss of their son was tragic and must have been terribly painful, as for all victims of violence during the Troubles.

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"My personal politics and views are well known and I have never sought to disguise them, though on this issue they have remained unaired for many years.

"Whatever the rights and wrongs, the history of Ireland has been marked by tragedy and I acknowledge that without hesitation and with genuine feeling for all involved.

"My political views have never made me insensitive to the pain and suffering caused to the innocent victims of events such as the Warrington bomb.

"In fact, I have always been inspired by the humane conduct of Mr Parry in the way he responded with compassion and dignity to the tragic loss inflicted on his family."

Earlier on Tuesday, Tim's dad Colin Parry said her comments at the time were 'absolutely disgraceful'.

"For somebody to come out with comments I believe she made, and being an apologist for the IRA, is absolutely disgraceful," he said.

"She should disavow these comments if that's her position and say, 'I was wrong, I was foolish'.

"I simply say I think voters in the constituency of the north west, which is a big area, really should be aware, as voters should be in general should be aware, of the political positions of candidates, even if they disavow them from a former life."