THE leader of Warrington 4 Brexit campaign group has been selected to stand in the European Parliament elections.

Sally Bate, from Stockton Heath, will battle to secure a north west seat for the Brexit Party if the UK takes part in the elections, which are scheduled to be held on May 23.

She has been at the forefront of Warrington 4 Brexit’s campaigning to ensure the referendum result to leave the EU is upheld.

Ms Bate, who grew up in Orford, is a former business owner and managed her own recruitment company, Ace Recruitment (Warrington) Ltd, with offices in both Warrington and Wigan.

She said: “It’s a great honour for me to be a candidate for the Brexit Party and I’m proud to stand in my home region of the north west.

“I’m a patriot and fervently believe that the UK can stand on its two feet as a democratic, self-governing nation outside the EU.

“Attempts to sabotage the referendum result mean that democracy in this country is now under threat and we in the Brexit Party are leading the fight back.

“At our rallies in Warrington, we hear ordinary people telling us every week that they feel betrayed by those elected to represent them and that democracy is being trashed and their votes don’t count.”

There are 751 Members of the European Parliament – of those, 73 represent the UK.

Eight MEPs will be elected to serve the north west if the UK takes part in the elections, which would not be required if an agreement can be reached over Brexit.