WE asked you to tell us about the GP surgery, dental practice or hospital department that always puts you at ease when you are most in need of a helping hand.

And hundreds of people got in touch to let us know about the brilliant care they have received for our latest Customer Service Awards category.

Based on the volume of nominations and the nominations that had a really personal touch, we have put together the following shortlist and will be revealing the winner in a special supplement in the Warrington Guardian newspaper later this spring.


1. Dr Teinert at Latchford Medical Centre

A number of nominations were sent in for this popular doctor with the majority praising the way she has helped patients with mental health problems.

One nomination added: "There have been some appointments where I have come out and thought she has literally just saved my life.

"She has been proactive in ensuring that services are giving me what I need and fighting a battle, which at times, I have not been able to fight myself.

"People will say well she's just doing her job but this is far more; it is clear how much she cares for her patients and I have always felt valued."

2. Warrington Hospital's A&E team

Many readers got in touch to tell us how much they admired the staff working in this department and how they 'somehow managed to remain polite and pleasant with patients despite their huge workload'.

One nomination added: "This team is caring passionate and dedicated.

"They work so hard and as we all know the NHS has been very challenging of late and winter has been extremely hard but this team are always their to care for you and your loved ones every single day.

"I am so impressed by the team's resilience and teamwork and never knowing what we are going to face on a daily basis."

3. Dr M Nichols at Lakeside Surgery in Lymm

Another doctor described as a 'lifesaver' due to his help and understanding regarding mental illness, nominations said he was 'patient and truly listens'.

One nomination added: "He has saved my life on more than one occasion and helped me to become so much stronger than I ever thought possible.

"Now I live 8,000 miles away but I'm still grateful to him for his help in getting me to this place.

"I will never forget the kindness he showed me when I was in hospital. He came to visit me outside of his working hours to talk through the right treatment decision and offer some support. "Without that chat I have no idea whether I would still be here now. I doubt it."

4. Zara and the team at Cotswold Dental Care in Orford

There aren't many people who really look forward to a trip to the dentist but one patient with a phobia said this team has the 'patience of a saint'.

The nomination added: "Even through sheer panic and screaming, Zara would pause and put me at ease.

"I would recommend them to anyone who fears going to the dentists and even though I'm still nervous I've managed to have my filling done."

5. Marie Taylor - Ward B19 at Warrington Hospital

Described as the most 'caring and considerate carer' on the ward, one nomination says her caring continues when she's at home looking after family members and a neighbour's child who has suffered with disabilities.

The nomination adds: "This little girl also decided to dress up as a superhero for school and when asked why her reply was 'I'm going to be Marie because she cares for my twin brother and makes him smile'.

"Not only does she complete her job to a high standard, she also keeps the staff morale high, as well as keeping the patients entertained with singing 80s hits.

"She has currently been nominated for a role model award by her ward manager as her hard work never goes unnoticed.

"Patients' families on Facebook have also left endless messages of thanks."

6. Warrington Hospital antenatal department

Whether it was a difficult pregnancy or fears after giving birth, new mums said they couldn't praise this team enough. 

One nomination added: "Dr Kate Alldred and the team she works with are absolutely amazing. 

"She goes above and beyond what is required of her and I would not have been able to get through my pregnancy without her.

"After I had my little boy my mental health took a decline and I continued to see Dr Alldred for weeks after he was born.

"She didn't need to see me, she could have easily done what she needed to and discharged me but she didn't.

"I just want them to know what an amazing job they really do and  my little boy wouldn't be here without them."