IF you are up early enough for sunrise, you're set for a stunning show this week.

But if the idea of getting up before 5.45am fills you with dread, fear not, it's a similar story at sunset too which will be around 8.12pm this week.

The reason is all thanks to the Saharan Desert.

Strong winds over the African desert have thrown a plume of yellow and brown dust into the atmosphere.

Low pressure moving across Europe has seen some of the dust reach parts of the UK.

The dust particles will have a red tint to them and as they make their way to the ground will result in colourful sunrises and sunsets as the particles scatter the sunlight.

The downside is many residents will also see dust on their cars and windows after it rains as the dust is washed out of the air.

It is not the first time Saharan dust has turned the sky red over the UK.

Warrington Guardian:

When the sky turned red in 2017. Picture from Mike Boden

In October 2017 many photographers snapped a strange reddish sky.

The hue was explained by weather experts at the time as a remnant of Storm Ophelia dragging in tropical air and dust from the Sahara.

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