A SENIOR Warrington councillor who quit Labour earlier this month will stand for Change UK should the Euro elections go ahead.

Great Sankey councillor Dan Price made the shock announcement that he was stepping down from the executive board in protest at Labour's handling of Brexit.

Now he is on the list of candidates for Change UK in the ballot which will be held on May 23 unless the Government can agree a Brexit deal.

Change UK – formerly known as the Independent Group – is made up of 11 MPs who recently quit Labour and the Tories in protest at the hard-left and hard-right takeover of the two main parties at Westminster.

He is second on the list of eight candidates in the north west.

“I’m really honoured and proud to be selected to represent Change UK in the European elections,” he said.

“After recently leaving the Labour Party, I found myself politically homeless.

"Like millions of others in the UK I could no longer stomach the ugly tribalism and small mindedness of politics.

"But today feels like I’ve come home in that I’ve reconnected with what inspired me to get into politics in the first place; a sense of working together to improve people’s lives and make Britain a better place.”

Other Change UK candidates announced today include the BBC newscaster Gavin Esler and the former head of Liverpool Football Club’s official charity, the LFC Foundation, Andrea Cooper.

Warrington Guardian: Gavin Esler

Gavin Esler is also a Change UK candidate

A long-term opponent of Brexit, Cllr Price said that as an engineering consultant he had first-hand experience of the damage Brexit is causing.

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“With reports showing that one in three manufacturers are suspending or decreasing headcount, we can’t go on like this,” he said.

“We can all see that Brexit is breaking Britain and we desperately need a new political force to pull us back from the precipice.

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"We’ve all had enough of meaningless slogans without solutions and snake oil salesman peddling unicorns.

"And that’s why it’s time we confronted the truth about Brexit and gave the people a second referendum.”