WARRINGTON Borough Council has refused planning permission for a concrete plant that was built without its consent for a second time.

The concrete mixing plant was built two years ago on Bridge Lane in Woolston, despite the council having not granted planning permission for the scheme.

While WBC refused a retrospective application for consent last year, a second bid by Stoke-based Mincrete Ltd to allow the plant to remain standing was lodged earlier in 2019.

But now this application has also been refused.

In its refusal notice, Warrington Borough Council said: "The application is considered to lack sufficient information to allow an assessment of the proposal on the Mersey and Woolston Eyes.

"The proposal would not improve the economic, social and environmental conditions of the area, not does it comply with the development plans and therefore does not comprise sustainable development.

"There were no amendments to the scheme or conditions which could reasonably have been imposed which could have made the development acceptable, and it was therefore not possible to approve the application."

Mincrete Ltd could now be ordered to tear down the facility, construction work on which began in April 2017 before being completed in September the same year.

Formerly an open storage area, four full-time employees of the ready-mixed concrete specialists work at the 2,000sq m site between 6am and 5.30pm from Mondays to Fridays according to the application.

A number of residents and Woolston Parish Council had submitted written objections to the scheme – with concerns raised about pollution, traffic and the impact on nearby Woolston Eyes.

Natural England also expressed worries on the potential effects on the site of special scientific interest, which is located 50m away.

And Warrington Borough Council formally refused planning permission on Thursday, April 11.