A VOLUNTARY organisation from Birchwood is calling on members of the public to challenge their fears to help a charity.

The Duckpond, which has been raising money for charities for the past five years, is organising a day with scary creatures on Saturday, May 11 to raise funds for Warrington Disability Partnership (WDP), a charity which has been supporting people with disabilities and long-term health conditions for 26 years.

“Creepy Crawly Day”, organised at WDP’s Centre for Independent Living, will see a crawling beasties expert presenting frightening snakes, spiders, lizards and the likes to curious children.

In addition, adults are invited to brave their fears and hold the animal they dread the most to raise money for WDP.

Lees Johnson, founder of the Duckpond, said: “We already have five ‘brave’ people who are scared who will hold these animals and be sponsored.

“For example I’m going to hold a tarantula.

“I’m alright with snakes, but spiders! I don’t know how, but I’m going to do it.”

The Duckpond is a volunteering group aimed at challenging people to get active and make life experiences, while raising money for charities.

In the past four years, they have raised nearly £7,000 for several charities by organising various challenges.

This year’s theme, ‘Five Years, Brave Your Fears’ will see a range of scary activities organised, from climbing three peaks in 24 hours to walking on fire.

Mr Johnson said: “It’s just nice to get people out of their comfort zone and take on a bit of a personal challenge.

“I’m a grown-up-dad – my children are teenagers - so I wanted to inspire my kids to get up and do things, something different from staying at home on the computer.

“And it kind of worked!

“It’s about making memories for yourself, and inspiring your kids too.”

The event will take place at WDP’s Centre of Independent living on Beaufort Street, Sankey Bridges, between midday and 4pm.

More information is available on facebook.com/theduckpond/.