MAKATON shopping lists will soon be available at all Asda superstores across the UK to help shoppers with communication difficulties.

Designed to support spoken language, Makaton is a programme that uses signs and symbols to help the development of communication, aimed at supporting those who have no or unclear speech or people who cannot or would prefer not to use sign language.

It is believed that more than one million children and adults use Makaton across the country and now the retail giant is launching the specially designed Makaton shopping lists.

Made up of signs and symbols, the list will show a range of shopping choices such as milk, bread and bananas that customers can tick off.

The lists will be available at 384 Asda superstores from the customer service desk.

Jodie Tate, Asda vice president of Central Retail Operations & Chair of Asda’s Inclusion Board said: “In 2017 we launched a visual shopping list called Happy Little Helpers which aims to make shopping trips a more pleasant experience for children with learning and communication difficulties.

“Since then we’ve been working closely with the Makaton Charity to implement signs and symbols to support these fun shopping lists and we are really proud to have become the first major UK supermarket to rollout the Makaton counters to over 384 stores.”

The roll-out of Makaton shopping lists follows other Asda initiatives to make shopping easier for customers including the launch of the Happy Little Helpers scheme last year.

Stephen Hall, chief executive of the Makaton Charity, said: “We are thrilled that Asda are incorporating Makaton into their stores.

"The Makaton Friendly scheme, which recognises establishments of all kinds where Makaton users will feel comfortable, is going from strength to strength.

“We are working with schools, emergency services, attractions, retail and hospitality outlets including many well-known brands.

"This ensures that the excellent work done by organisations such as Asda continues within the community so that all customers feel welcome.”