A MISSION to help a three-year-old boy from South Warrington who suffers from cerebral palsy is coming to Stockton Heath.

Zoe Harris, manager of the Bus Stop on London Road, decided to help the parents of little Jack Mountford to raise money so they can buy him a special tricycle, which he could ride safely despite his condition.

Jack fell very ill when he was only a couple of days old and suffered brain damage, which resulted in cerebral palsy.

This condition causes a movement disorder which results in delays in development and difficulties with controlling and coordinating the body, which is why he needs a bespoke tricycle which is very expensive.

Zoe Harris, the bistro’s general manager, said: “I heard about him because my mum works at the Morgan foundation, and I thought that would be a great thing to do.

“Jack is brilliant, he’s such a pleasure. One of a kind, such a happy boy.

“He’s got the cutest little face.”

Jack’s mother Sally was really surprised when she heard the bistro was organising the fundraising.

She said: “I was overjoyed. It’s really lovely to get support from people who don’t even know us.

“It will be in the evening so Jack will be asleep, but I and my husband Jason, Jack’s father, will attend.

“We are really looking forward to it.”

Jack was born in Australia and spent the first months of his life in an intensive care unit.

He has also suffered from epilepsy since he was very young.

Warrington Guardian:

His mother said: “A bike for Jack will help him develop his hip strength, will give him confidence and independence, and we would love to be able to provide that for him.”

Jack already attends nursery and is becoming more and more sociable as he gets older.

His mother added: “He is a very social child, he really likes making eye contact.

“We don’t know how he is going to develop in the future, but we want to give him the best possible chances.”

The event will take place on Friday, April 26.

The Bus Stop is selling tickets for £15, which includes a meal and entertainment by table magician Steve.

The bistro’s owners, Lynda and Paul Johnson, will be attending, and while 35 people have already reserved, Ms Harris is hoping to be able to sit a lot more in their beer garden, weather permitting.

Bookings can be made on 382187.

To support Jack, visit justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/just4children/jackspack