A TEACHING assistant who only started out on a temporary contract is celebrating her 30th anniversary in the job.

Patricia Biddle, who works at Christ Church CE Primary School in Padgate, initially joined the staff for three terms in 1989.

But 30 years later, she is still going strong in her role and is surprised at how fast time has flown.

“It hasn’t really sunk in yet to be honest,” said Patricia.

“I just come to work to do my job and I can’t quite believe how quickly the 30 years have gone.”

Looking back when she first took up the job, Patricia said she could never have imagined being at the same school three decades later.

“I started at Christ Church on the April 6, 1989 on a temporary basis for three terms,” she continued.

“I was initially covering another member of staff who was away, and I was tasked with looking after two children with special needs we had with us at the time.

“I always wanted to stay on though.”

And Patricia said she had seen a lot of change going on around her since she began working at the school.

“I think I’ve seen out three head teachers during my time here,” she added.

“Mrs Downs, who was head teacher when I was a temporary staff member, was the one who gave me a permanent contract and I was thrilled.

“A lot has changed since then such as the term lengths, a number of staff have come and gone and the building itself has changed around me.

“We’ve had extensions, the nursery building has been built and when I started all the classrooms were open plan.”

When asked what had kept her at the school for such a long time, Patricia simply said she loved the work she was doing and the place she was doing it in.

“I really enjoy the job and working with the children," she said.

“There are a couple of staff members here at Christ Church who have worked for a long time like me and they are all lovely.

“Some are approaching 27 or 28 years in their job I think but I’m winning at the moment.”

Despite reaching the three-decade mark, Patricia has no plans to slow down and is already targeting the next big milestone in her time at the school.

“I love working here and I have no plans to leave any time soon … unless I win the lottery.”