CARS parking on the pavements rather than designated spaces will now be fined at the Trafford Centre. 

The move has been introduced after a number of reports of cars 'misusing' accessible parking spaces or parking at the end of rows where there is not a parking space. 

Many drivers have reported their frustrations on social media during busy periods at weekends and before Christmas. 

One motorist added: "It's just so lazy.

"Why do they have to park right next to the door or at the end of a row blocking others trying to find a space.

"If they just parked a little bit further away and walked things would be much easier for everyone."

A number of motorists were caught out at the weekend by the new rules.

Alison Niven, regional centre director, said: “The safety of everyone who visits intu Trafford Centre is our priority, and this applies to every aspect of our customer’s experience including our car parks.

"There has been a recurring issue with cars misusing accessible parking spaces or being parked outside of designated areas, which creates the potential for accidents to happen.

"That’s why we’ve introduced parking fines.

"It’s a new initiative and one which has been met with widespread approval so far.

"We know that parking is a tricky business and we work hard to keep the carparks safe for everyone.”

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Any cars caught parking outside of a designated area will be fined £50. 

This reduces if payment is made within 14 days to £25.