THROUGHOUT this year we will be dipping into the wedding albums of Warrington couples who have tied the knot and finding out more about the happiest day of their life.

THEY have known each other since play school but Conor Wright and Jasmine Hamilton-Wright didn't get together until their final year of high school.

After being in the same classes together all the way through high school, this pair of love birds knew each other very well and got engaged aged 21 in 2013 after going out for five years.

Conor, now aged 26, got down on one knee in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris following a nerve-wracking journey.

He added: "I got stopped and searched in Manchester Airport with the ring in my bag that I been trying to keep concealed from Jaz.

"It was our first ‘touristy’ holiday abroad so we were nervous.

"Then it turned out the trains from the airport into the middle of Paris were all closed for the weekend so we had to make alternative arrangements and catch a worker’s bus through industrial estates until we landed in Gare de Nord.

"There was a quick journey back to the hotel, change of clothes, and back out into Paris where we managed to make it to the Eiffel Tower around sunset where I proposed in the gardens in front of the tower.

"We then had a lovely meal and I paid for the most expensive pint I’ve ever had (£13) without realising it. Good times!"

Warrington Guardian:

The happy pair tied the knot on August 3 last year at Formby Hall and said it was the 'best day' they have ever had.

Conor added: "There’s nothing quite like having all your loved ones on both sides turn out to be part of your day.

"I’ve never felt such unconditional love in a room before.

"It was very touching and to see Jaz walk down the aisle in her dress was mindblowing.

"Not forgetting the baby in her outfit!"

Warrington Guardian:

Their baby daughter Beau joined 80 guests during the day who tucked into Caesar salad, chicken with potato gratin and vegetables and chocolate dream cake with biscuits and a cream filled chocolate dome as well as nibbles through the day and a sweetie cart.

Warrington Guardian:

Asked for their highlights of the day, Conor added: "Looking out over all the guests and taking it all in – watching them eating their meal, laughing and enjoying themselves.

"The anticipation of waiting for Jasmine to come down the aisle and then seeing her walk down the aisle to our song.

"And going for a walk with the baby half way through the day and playing with her on the golf course."

Warrington Guardian:

After the wedding they jetted off to the Dominican Republic for their honeymoon and even had the help of Jasmine's parents looking after Beau.

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The newly weds say their love for food, travel and nice relaxing walks with the dog helped bring them together as well as their 'laid back and chilled' attitude to life.

Warrington Guardian:

Conor added: "We're still ambitious and want to taste the finer things in life but we value family and loved ones above all else.

"It just felt right and natural getting married – like a ‘final’ thing we had to do to cement our relationship.

"I wanted to walk round with a ring on my finger as an outward sign of commitment to my wife and I also believed it would make me feel proud.

"Having now gone through the marriage, we now feel complete as a family, and I feel prouder than ever.

"Anybody who isn’t sure whether to get married or believes it to be a waste of money – in my opinion, it was worth every penny (and more).

"I’ve never understood why people renew their vows, but now I get it – I’d recreate my wedding day every year if I could, it really was that special.

"Easily the best day of my life."

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