ON March 14 1998, the body of a strangled baby boy was found in woodland in Callands.

Today, this newborn - named Callum by police officers who attended the harrowing scene - would have turned 21.

But the baby's identity remains a mystery, and his parents have never been identified.

Warrington Guardian:

Baby Callum - who received his name from the part of town where he was found - was born weighing just 7lb8 hours before his body was discovered by a dog walker at 11am, 21 years ago today.

Wrapped in a black plastic bin bag on land near to the Gulliver's World theme park, his death sparked a murder investigation and sent shockwaves across Warrington.

Warrington Guardian:

The DNA of nearly 500 women was tested during the police probe - including that of many schoolgirls, with detectives receiving leads that the child's mother was a teenager.

These tests failed to find a match, but several calls were made to a special hotline number set up in the wake of baby Callum's death from a woman claiming to have given birth to the youngster.

Described as being 'upset and emotional', she spoke to officers anonymously on numerous occasions but was never traced.

Residents rallied following the disturbing discovery, raising funds to pay for a headstone engraved with a shepherd when buried at the Warrington Cemetery on Manchester Road more than four months later.

Warrington Guardian:

It was inscribed: "Baby Callum, precious child of God - laid to rest July 27 1998.

"With love, from the people of Warrington."

Warrington Guardian: An undertaker carries Callum’s tiny coffin at the service at St Elphin’s Church 12 years ago

Warrington Guardian:

Police are still appealing for information from members of the public to help trace those responsible for baby Callum's death.

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Detective chief inspector Simon Blackwell, of Cheshire Police's major incident team, said: "It is now 21 years since the tragic discovery of a strangled baby boy in Callands.

"Baby Callum would be celebrating his 21st birthday today - instead he was found concealed in woodland near the Gulliver's World site on March 14 1998.

"The investigation is still open and we are keen to hear from anyone who may have information about the circumstances of his death - we are particularly keen to speak to the parents or family members of baby Callum.

"We are committed to follow up all information we receive in a sensitive manner."

Anyone with information is urged to contact Cheshire Police on 101, or to call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Warrington Guardian: