‘SELFISH’ dog owners have been slammed after a child nearly twisted her ankle when she tried to avoid stepping into dog poo.

Mum-of-three Jo Knibb has raised concerns over dog mess around her home on Willis Street.

The alarming issue almost resulted in her four-year-old daughter Daisy injuring herself recently.

Mrs Knibb labelled the situation as ‘absolutely disgusting’ but hopes the irresponsible dog owners soon change their ways.

Daisy and sister Jazz, aged five, have been attaching homemade dog mess bag dispensers to lamp posts to help clean up the area.

“We are still having many issues with the dog mess,” said mum Mrs Knibb.

“My four-year-old almost twisted her ankle recently trying to dodge it.

“There seems to be more and more incidents taking place – the community is unhappy with the state of things.”

Fairfield and Howley ward councillors have been monitoring the issue, while Fairfield Community Association has discussed the possibility of installing a camera in the area to help stamp it out.

Cllr Jean Flaherty said: “We need residents to report the issue of dog fouling as much as they can.

“We need them to provide as many details as possible to the council to ensure they can catch the dog owners.

“Ward councillors have been promised by officers that if people give as much detail as possible – including a description of the owner, location and time of day – that they will take action.

“It is about getting the community to help the officers.”

Cllr Tony Higgins, executive board member for leisure and community, has also weighed in on the matter.

He says people who allow their dogs to foul on the streets are ‘acting selfishly’.

“They may be dog lovers but they are not lovers of their community,” he added.

“Dog fouling is costing the council taxpayer thousands of pounds a year – that is money we can’t afford to be wasting, particularly amid the cuts we are facing.

“Every time we take action in cleaning up other people’s dog fouling, it is money that should be going directly to community groups.

“I urge residents to act in stopping those who think it is ok to allow their dogs to foul on the streets.

“But I am not expecting people to apprehend people, don’t put yourselves in danger.”

To report an issue visit warrington.gov.uk/dogfouling