THE Warrington Guardian is a launching an anti-litter campaign in a bid to tackle the high volume of rubbish dumped across our town.

The Big Warrington Clean-up is aiming to fight back against the levels of rubbish seen in town at the moment.

From overflowing litter bins to bottles in the waterways and takeaway bags in hedges to eyesores on highways, we are saying enough is enough.

So last Thursday, the editorial team at the Guardian went on a litter pick around our Centre Park offices – a hotspot for littering.

Although the lagoon area in the centre of the industrial park was relatively clean, the water itself was littered with empty drink cans and bottles – polluting the water which is home to many ducks, geese and fish.

We fished out a number of wine and spirits bottles and crisp packets from just one small corner of the lake.

The woodland path which runs next to the Village Hotel was inundated with litter and in less than an hour, the team filled seven bin bags.

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Among the items found was a pair of boxers, a car battery, a boot, a traffic bollard, a towel, wine and beer glasses and a helium balloon.

Warrington Guardian:

Reporter Isobel Cotogni with the bollard

Hayley Smith, editor of the Warrington Guardian, said: "The level of litter across Warrington is appalling and we wanted to highlight the issue in some way.

"By taking part in our own litter pick, we saw first-hand the devastating effects this discarded rubbish has on the environment.

"Readers have been in touch recently to express their frustration at the amount of litter across Warrington, including the death of a seal pup in Latchford Locks which was surrounded by plastic.

"We hope you can join us in our fight against litter and let us know about the work you are doing."

We are encouraging people to send us litter hotspots across the town and take part in litter picks.

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