OFFICERS in Warrington have joined forces with Live Your Life Drop That Knife to help prevent knife crime in the area.

The new text service will send information over to Crimestoppers anonymously.

A spokesman added: "If you or anyone you know is aware of someone who carries a knife pass this on and you may save a life."

Anyone concerned should text KNIFE to 07520633288 along with the person's name, school, year and postcode.

The Runcorn organisation then advises you delete the text after it's been sent.

A spokesman added: "Live Your Life Drop The Knife was founded in Runcorn in response to rising violent crime and knife crime against residents of Halton.

"The campaign hopes to educate young people that it's not okay to carry weapons, that it's okay to run away and that there is always an alternative option – to Live Your Life and Drop The Knife.

"We will be working with local schools, colleges, businesses and sports clubs to provide education services to the local area, providing emergency aid training, first aid and more."