A NEW private hearing clinic has opened at Orford Jubilee Hub and will offer ear wax removal to patients struggling with long waiting times.

Hearing specialists Interhearing are offering the alternative to NHS ear wax removal treatments at their new weekly clinics at the 4 Seasons Medical Centre.

As the name suggests, microsuction is wax removal via fine suction under magnification and is viewed by ear care professionals as the safest form of wax removal.

The founder of Interhearing and audiologist John Beharrell recognised the need for a private wax removal service as he spoke with his hearing aid patients who were reporting that they were no longer offered ear syringing by their local GP surgeries or were faced with long waiting times for specialist hospital appointments.

John said: “We treat patients of all ages, from three to 93. We understand that blocked ears can cause symptoms of discomfort, hearing loss and tinnitus and can really affect a person’s work, home and social life and so a long waiting list can be very frustrating.

"On average, we see patients within three to seven days. We want people to know that there are alternative options available to them.

“Our senior ear care nurse in Orford, Carole Thewsey, has worked in healthcare for mroe than 30 years, having worked in various nursing positions at both the Dorking Hospital and Warrington Hospital.

"She has extensive experience in the area of ear wax removal using microsuction, along with treating a range of ear conditions and will be fantastic addition to the team.”

Interhearing can also offer ear care advice to patients during appointments.

John added: “We know that hearing plays a very important part of our everyday lives and want to help people to understand how they can protect their ears and their hearing for the future.”

This private microsuction treatment is offered at a cost of £65 per patient and patients can self-refer to Interhearing by calling the free booking line on 0800 002 9503 or via the Interhearing website www.interhearing.com.