WHEN expecting parents Jessica Watts and Will Avery were told there were three heartbeats on the ultrasound, they were shocked to say the least.

Jessica said: "We found out at seven weeks, it was so early as we were going on holiday so we just wanted to check that everything was ok with this 'one little baby'.

"Will was in shock and said he was going to have to work until he is 80 to afford all of these babies.

"He thought I had rang ahead to the scanners to play a joke on him."

Warrington Guardian:

Jess, 29 and Will, 33 are already parents to four-year-old Billy, who they describe as 'the best big brother'.

Sonny, Sidney and Betsy Avery were born on March 20 last year through a caesarean delivery at 34 weeks.

Due to their early arrival, the triplets were kept on a neonatal ward for two weeks but had to be transferred to Ormskirk General Hospital because there were not enough beds at Warrington Hospital for the three youngsters.

Despite having twins on both sides of their family, Jess and Will did not expect to be parents of triplets.

Jess said: "I was so lucky, I had no complications apart from sore feet and a sore back, I got right through."

Warrington Guardian:

When finding out the gender, the pair were told they were having three boys and threw a gender reveal party for family and friends.

Jess added: "We went for another scan and I mentioned we were having three boys and the lady just said 'there's a girl in here'.

"I'd already bought three blue outfits but we were absolutely made up."

Jess has since gone back to work as a carer and the pair take it in turns to look after their brood when Will is home from his offshore job.

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Although Sonny and Sidney shared an amniotic sac, they are not identical and Jess says all three babies are 'completely different'.

She said: "Sidney is clingy and loves a cuddle, Betsy loves being on her own and is really independent and Sonny is very laid back."

The family has recently moved to Latchford but the babies are known to most as 'the Orford triplets'.

They turn one next Wednesday, March 20.