WARRINGTON Wolves fans will be able to enjoy a European first during Thursday's Castleford game. 

Supporters will be able to join in with a special flash light display using their phones.

All fans will have to do is download the free app Human Video Board to take part.

Once you've got it, the app will ask for your section, row, and seat and you’re ready to participate in the light shows. 

The app then uses the screen on your phone for colour or the camera flash for dazzling effects.

Karl Fitzpatrick, Warrington Wolves chief executive, said: “This is a European first and is a fantastic initiative.

“You download an app on your phone and hold it up and it creates a pattern to the music.

“When people come to The Halliwell Jones Stadium we know they will see a fantastic product and performance on the pitch but we want to make sure that is matched off the pitch.”

Click play below to see how it looked during an MLS Western Conference Championship game

Already this season the Wire Flyer, similar to an idea which generated a huge following for the Atlanta Braves baseball team in America, has got fans talking at half time.

And speaking to us last week, Karl added it's not the end of their 'close to the bone' marketing thi season.

“I am a massive fan of American sports. They do things right and their fan engagement is fantastic,” he said.

“I have been to meet with UFC, WWE, Red Bell to share best practice and to do a bit of research.

“One of the things you learn about social media is that there is so much on there so you have to stand out.

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“We know we are really strong in the older generation of supporters but we do have an ageing supporter base, which is the same across Super League, therefore we have got to interact with a younger audience.

“So we are doing some different things, some things that may be controversial, but things that are getting us noticed.

“And you have not seen the last of our close to the bone marketing on social media yet.”

How do I take part in the light show?

All fans are asked to be inside the stadium, AT LEAST 10 MINUTES before kick-off and to follow the instructions below carefully to get involved

  • Download The FREE Human Video Board App before the game
  • Enter your section, row and seat info
  • If you are in the south stand, select your nearest section using the letters on the white pillars at the back of the stand

7.38pm on matchday

  • When instructed tap the 'pre-match lightshow countdown' button
  • Please do not tap before instructed
  • Before the clock reaches 0:00 hold your smartphone with the camera flash facing the pitch (not your screen)
  • The light show begins when the countdown on your phone reaches 0:00

During the light show

For the best results, hold your phone still and straight out using your right hand