POLICE officers in Warrington have been reminding blue badge holders that they are not entitled to drive past the scene of accidents after an incident on Sunday.

Officers say they have heard many excuses from drivers trying to get around road closures but on Sunday they had an 'original'.

Police say they had closed the road following a crash to 'protect the officers and those involved with the incident from harm and to create a safe working area'.

A spokesman added: "No matter how many times we do this there are motorists who insist on trying to get past the closure diverting officers' attention away from those who need help to stop them.

"Most motorists see the road is closed and will make a diversion.

"However there are a good few who will insist the only way they can go is through the scene and will use the same arguments to do so:

  • "I only live down there"
  • "This is the only way I know"
  • "It doesn't look closed"
  • "The sat nav sends me this way"
  • "I can just drive on that side

"Today was no exception when one couple decided to drive around the police car onto the wrong side of the road and point at the officer that they were going that way.

"After being told several times the road was closed and to turn around they used an original never seen before way to try and pass, flashing their blue badge at the officer.

"It was a nice try but sadly didn't work."

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Advice from Cheshire Police is to never try and pass a 'Road closed' sign/police car at any scene no matter how much you need to go that way and find an alternative route instead.