LOTTERY winners from Warrington have re-lived the moment that changed their lives ahead of the EuroMillions draw tomorrow, Friday.

The jackpot currently stands at £123m and if won by a single ticket-holder, it would make them the UK's third biggest National Lottery winners.

John and Patricia Gill won £1m in a Euromillions raffle draw on Christmas Day in 2015.

John and Patricia bought their ticket just an hour before the draw was due to take place.

Patricia recalls: "It was bought by my husband online.

"It was actually Boxing Day before we found out and we checked it lots of times to make sure but Camelot weren't open when we rang.

"It was the next day it was officially confirmed."

The family have been on plenty of holidays with their winnings, including trips to Sweden, New York and Miami.

Patricia added: "We have also moved house and upgraded all our cars."

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The couple have two children, and they say that the lottery win has given them the best start in life.

According to The Sunday Times Rich List 2018, if one winner scooped the entire £123 million jackpot tomorrow they'd have an immediate bond with Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz over their combined fortune, which stands at around £125 million.

With their newfound wealth the ticket-holder would also floor boxing promoter Barry Hearn's £115 million riches.

Andy Carter, The National Lottery’s senior winners’ adviser said: "Imagine becoming one of Britain’s biggest winners ever.

"With that giant cheque you’d have more than enough to change the lives of the people close to you and spend your days travelling the globe.

"In fact, you could do pretty much anything you like!

"EuroMillions players help raise the £30m plus that The National Lottery gives to good causes each and every week.

"This supports projects big and small across the country, including funding everything from local community projects to saving the nation’s heritage."