THIS is the moment a woman was reunited with the firefighters who saved her life 24 years ago.

Jade Broderick was rescued from a house fire on her first birthday at her former home in Southworth Avenue, Bewsey.

The crew of firefighters have never forgotten the lifeless one-year-old baby who they plucked from her burning cot and carried from the flames to safety.

Just before 7.30am, on Tuesday, June 27 1995, firefighters at Warrington Fire Station were made aware on an incident nearby.

Warrington Guardian:

Jade Broderick, centre, with her son Blake, meets Gus O'Rourke, left, and Martin Dowie, right, who saved her life 24 years ago.

Gus O'Rourke, assistant chief fire officer, said: "When we arrived on the street, we knew it was serious as everyone was out and was frantic.

"I'll always remember seeing Jade's dad with singed hair - who got a commendation for his bravery, his t-shirt had been burned off as he repeatedly tried to run up the stairs to reach his daughter.

"You think you have saved one life but you have affected so many.

"We have often thought and talked about that incident, even all these years later we say 'I wonder how Jade is'."

Jade's mum brought her daughter to meet the team eight months after the fire and the crew shared fond memories of watching the 18-month-old run around the fire station happily.

Warrington Guardian:

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Martin Dowie, who gave CPR to Jade as she was brought out of the flames, said: "Jade was handed to me and at first I thought it was a rag doll.

"I gave her CPR for a few minutes and was thinking 'for goodness sake, please breathe'.

"I'll never forget that moment."

An emotional reunion with the now 25-year-old and crew took place on Wednesday at Warrington Fire Station where Jade introduced her heroes to her 10-month-old son Blake and fiancée Kyle Stubbs.

Warrington Guardian:

Jade suffered 40 per cent burns to her hands, lower arms, left leg and back and was put on a life support machine at hospital.

She had to have countless operations and skin grafts and was in and out of hospital for most of her toddler years.

Warrington Guardian:

Jade, who now lives in Northwich, said: "When I finally returned home after first being admitted the street threw me a birthday party because the fire happened on my first birthday!

"I just want to say thank you to the firefighters because I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all of you."