AN exhibition of children's artwork themed around healthy living has opened in the town centre.

Posters created by youngsters as part of Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust's Smart Heart campaign will be on display at the Gateway on Sankey Street until Wednesday, February 13.

The Smart Heart scheme sees consultant interventional cardiologist Dr Ahmed Farag deliver workshops in schools across town, giving tips to children on how to keep their hearts health.

Having visited 75 schools since December 2016 and spoken to 3,145 in year groups four to six, Dr Farag has received many thank you letters and posters following his sessions.

And he has now decided to exhibit this artwork to spread the message of the campaign.

Dr Farag said: "We know that one in three 15-year-olds either smoke or have tried smoking at some point.

"People who start smoking at a younger age are more likely to become highly-addicted smokers.

"We also know that the majority of children try smoking to either look cool or due to pressure from friends.

"This project gives kids the power of knowledge to make the right choice and to say no to smoking if they are ever offered a cigarette.

"By focusing on prevention rather than cure, I see this intervention as a worthwhile investment in our future – particularly with all the financial constraints that the NHS is facing.

"I am determined to do this on a yearly rolling basis."

For more information on the Smart Heart campaign, email