A MUM-OF-TWO who was diagnosed with cervical cancer for the third time in 18 months is urging other women to book their smear test as it could save their life.

Kirsty Mcdonald, from Orford, called on some of her closest friends to help raise awareness of the importance of the screenings to mark Cervical Cancer Prevention Week.

With the number of UK women attending their smear test at a 21-year low, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust launched the campaign to break down the stigma surrounding the disease.

As part of the #SmearForSmear campaign, women are encouraged to smear their red lipstick to remind others to book their screening.

“You never think you will be the person who is diagnosed with cancer but it does happen. I’m sadly proof of that,” said Kirsty, who is the proud mum to her two daughters Eva and Ella.

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Smear tests prevent 75 per cent of cervical cancers according to research by Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.

All women who are registered with a GP are invited for cervical screening at the age of 25.

Kirsty, who strongly believes the age for testing should be lowered, booked her appointment as soon as she received the letter from her GP.

But her life was quickly turned upside down when she was given the results.

Warrington Guardian:

Friends have rallied round to support the campaign

Over an 18-month period, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer on three occasions.

Since then, Kirsty, who celebrated her 27th birthday on Tuesday, has been determined to remain positive despite the difficult hurdles she has faced.

Last week, she was told by doctors that there were ‘no visible signs of cancer in her body’.

The 27-year-old will now have to undergo scans every three months as there is a high chance the cancer could return.

She said: “I was buzzing. I was so scared when I was waiting for the results as there was nothing I could do.

“My fate had been sealed as what was on the scan was on the scan. I was made up.

“I just want to say thank you so much to everyone for their ongoing support.

“It’s been amazing. You’ve kept me sane over the hardest battle I’ve ever had. Anything is possible when you believe in yourself.”

Warrington Guardian:

Kirsty Mcdonald

NHS Warrington Clinical Commissioning Group is also calling for women in the town to post selfies with their lipstick smeared in a bid to raise awareness of cervical cancer screenings.

Tilly Dobbin, cancer screening coordinator at NHS Warrington Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “We hope that you too will encourage the women in your life to attend their appointment.

“Screening is important because it detects abnormal cells before they develop into cervical cancer.”

Warrington Guardian:


MUM-OF-TWO Melanie O’Neill, from Penketh, is also supporting the #SmearForSmear campaign after facing her own battle with inflammatory breast cancer.

Mel, who writes a regular column for the Warrington Guardian documenting her inspirational journey, has urged those women who feel apprehensive or nervous about having the screening to face their fears.

“Don’t feel silly or embarrassed as it’s over within seconds,” said Mel, who was diagnosed with the disease eight years ago.

“The cancer I have is extremely hard to detect and had spread by the time it was detected and it is now incurable.

“I face my fear every day so ladies, face your fear and go get your smear.”

Earlier this month, the Prime Minister Theresa May also urged women eligible for cervical screening to undergo the checks at their surgery.

She said: “I, as a Prime Minister, can stand here and say this – I know what it’s like to go through a cervical smear test.

“It is not comfortable.

“Sometimes, for some, it will be embarrassing, sometimes it’s painful, but those few minutes can save lives, so I would encourage all women to take up their smear tests.”